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Vintage classic enamel mug

Material: Enamel + stainless steel
Size : 87 x 80 x 80
Packing: White box

Color: White
Printing method: heat transfer

產品編號 BT3152 Category


energy conservation

The product conducts heat evenly without local high temperature, and the heat conduction is twice as fast as that of general stainless steel;

environmental protection

Lead-free ingredients, no risk of lead poisoning, does not contain any elements harmful to the human body;


Easy to clean, the inside is cleaned with a rag and detergent, and the outside can be scrubbed with a scouring pad, bright as new;


Fashionable design, exquisite appearance of the perfect combination of enamel technology and modern technology, bright colors, and no deformation, never fade.

Enamel, an opaque or translucent glass-like ingredient that is fused to metal, glass, or ceramic surfaces as a decorative or protective layer, or as a base for colored decoration. And the enamel cup is a cup made of enamel fused to metal.

It can be heated by open flame, induction cooker or electric stove, beautiful and generous, the color of porcelain enamel is colorful and changeable, clean, anti-, hygienic, strong and durable, can not be broken, will not produce sharp fragments, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.