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Waterdrop full metal ring

Material: Zinc alloy
Size : 37 x 30 x 3
Packing: color box

: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black, China Red

Printing method
: laser laser
All metal material, strong magnetic attraction function, can be used with magnetic bracket
Flat and compact design, abandoning the unevenness of the previous stand, this stand can be folded flat on the desktop, the touch does not shake, and the use is smoother
180° foldable, 360° rotatable, rotation without dead angle, can adapt to a variety of hand grip angles
3M super glue lamination, strong tensile ability, can withstand 4KG tensile force
Strong compatibility, support all kinds of mobile phones/tablets/phone cases

產品編號 EL3114 Category


With the development of technology, the screen of modern people’s mobile phones has become larger and larger, and it is often difficult for one hand to grasp, and it often happens that the mobile phone falls to the ground. This metal ring, the appearance of the teardrop style, all metal material, the overall elegance and texture, the connected ring can be used as a stand to support the phone on the desktop, can also be used as a ring on the finger, watching videos more easily. The product is small and lightweight, low cost, suitable for a wide range of people, and is the most common gift for promotional publicity.

& Details &

1. Compatible with all devices, mobile phones, tablets and other similar digital devices and products are available


2.The ring can be rotated at 360 degrees and folded vertically at 180°, which is easy to operate

3. 3M nano adhesive paste on the back,

3 times stronger than ordinary glue, environmentally friendly and practical, no residual glue

, can be used repeatedly;

4. Seiko, stainless steel shaft, high-quality zinc alloy pull ring, imported adhesive, every detail is exquisite

5.The palm can be used as an anti-drop buckle, the table can be used as a support frame, and the car can be used as a car bracket in the car (with a hook)

6. Small and portable, does not take up space