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Wooden baseball ballpoint pen

Material : Maple
Size : 145 x 10
Packaging : Boxed/OPP

產品編號 ST3207 Category Tag

The whole body is carefully customized with high-quality maple material, which feels comfortable and burr-free

The wooden non-slip pen grip maintains a good writing grip, and the center of gravity ratio is just right, making writing handy

The handle of the bat is the pen cover, and the pen body near the nib echoes the shape of the bat, and the narrow streamline design makes the pen holding experience more comfortable, and the wood material is warm and has a warm feel

Creative baseball shape, creative shape is easier to attract attention, is the best choice as a gift

The wooden ballpoint pen in the shape of a cue is painted and designed just like a real baseball cue, so it is suitable for gifting to relatives or friends who love baseball. It is also used as a gift for baseball-themed events.