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Wooden pedestal calendar ornament

Size: 11.5*14.5*6.5cm
Material: MDF

Enjoy life, the details increase the breath of life, the style is fashionable and fashionable

Excellent selection of materials, raw materials are carefully selected by professionals, and the quality is reliable

Classic shape, clear texture, clear handwriting engraving without fading, long-term use without fading

Crafted from a simple yet beautiful wooden desk calendar with a manually adjustable plaque in the middle, this calendar is not only functional, but also adds a natural and elegant atmosphere to your corporate identity.

The workmanship is delicate, the product is repeatedly polished, the surface is smooth, there is no burr, and the environmentally friendly material is natural and pollution-free, which is more suitable for giving to customers as a business gift and showing the company’s concept and image.

Times Gifts’ custom calendar service allows you to add your logo, product image or slogan to a wooden rotatable calendar to create a gift that is unique to your business. Such a customized monthly calendar can not only display the brand image, but also allow the customers to see the company information every day, increasing brand awareness and exposure.
This will not only enhance your brand image, but also make your message visible every day, and a customized monthly calendar will be a unique and meaningful gift, and Times Gift can also provide you with a corresponding solution.