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You can tear off a small wooden sticky note

Size: 6.5*6.5cm (700 photos)
8*8cm (500 photos)
5.5*9cm (100 photos)
7.5*7.5cm (300 photos)

產品編號 ST3497 Category

Fashionable, a variety of types for you to choose, according to your needs to customize the pattern, you can also customize the company LOGO as a corporate gift or corporate gifts to employees or customers, for them to send a careful gift

Made of high-quality paper, the writing is smooth, allowing you to express your thoughts easily and fluently while writing.

Simple white paper, clear record of your notes and key content, paste everywhere is not easy to paste, easy to paste books, desks and even refrigerators

Strong stickiness, can be used multiple times, tear without hurting the paper, whether you are taking notes at work, organizing documents, or recording important knowledge points in learning, this handy note paper can meet your needs.

The paper is thick and durable, no ink bleed, can be written on both sides, and the adhesive glue can be spread flat at 180°, and it is easy to tear and is used in the office, school or home

High-quality paper is more suitable for printing LOGO or slogan, the printing content is clear and exquisite, to ensure the quality and quality of the product, as a business gift to give a surprise to customers, to give customers a practical and beautiful high-quality gift, so that the relationship between each other further;