Small batch gift customization of Times Gifts

Gifts are an important way to express gratitude and gratitude, and small batch gift customization can better reflect unique and personalized needs. Times Gift is a professional gift customization company, committed to providing customers with fast delivery, unique design of small batch gift customization services. Whether it is a corporate gift, an event souvenir or a personalized gift, Times Gifts can customize a gift that meets your expectations according to the needs and requirements of customers.

Times Gifts’ small batch gift customization service, since its launch, is deeply loved by our customers, we have a professional design team, according to the needs and requirements of customers, strictly select high-quality materials, to ensure the quality and durability of gifts as the premise. And provide unique gift design solutions, providing a variety of options to meet different needs, no matter what kind of customized solutions, we are able to turn customers’ design ideas into reality. In addition, Times Gifts will be able to quickly complete the production and delivery of small batches of gifts according to the time cycle of small batch gifts and the delivery time required by customers, so as to ensure that customers can receive gifts on time.

Times Gift small batch gifts currently provide 12 kinds of gift customization, although the product selection is small, but first of all to ensure the quality of the product quality, and due to the different number of orders, but also for the gift to strive for the most preferential price. The following is an introduction to several of the popular gifts, if you also need to customize gifts, you can use it as a reference for gift selection.

Sticky note paper: 80 grams of writing paper is currently commonly used in daily office stationery, which ensures the texture and smoothness of writing, whether as a corporate gift or as a promotional gift, it can provide a good writing experience. ALTHOUGH STICKY NOTES CAN BE CUSTOMIZED IN DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES, TIMES GIFT CHOSE THE COMMONLY USED 75MM SQUARE STICKY NOTE BOOK, WHICH IS FOR DAILY PRACTICAL USE, PROVIDING THE FUNCTION OF EASY TO TEAR OFF AND STICK ON VARIOUS SURFACES. You can leave a message on your office desktop, mark a book, or stick sticky notes on your refrigerator as a reminder of your daily routine. If it is customized as a promotional gift, the note book can also print LOGO per page, and its practicability has prompted the note paper to be used as a good promotional product, high-quality materials, a variety of choices and intimate design, which is an indispensable gadget for many people’s office and life.

Advertising pen: Times Gifts in the choice of advertising pens to provide 2 completely different styles of gift customization, of course, in the choice of customized advertising pens, we first consider the smooth and smooth writing experience, whether you are in the office to record important matters, or in the meeting to make notes, our advertising pen can provide excellent writing results, in addition to pay attention to the design of the pen barrel, to provide an ergonomic grip part, so that you will not feel tired for a long time. Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, our advertising pens offer a comfortable grip. The attraction of advertising pens lies in the choice of colors that need to match the overall company, we provide a variety of fashionable colors, so that you can choose according to your personal preferences and brand image. Customized advertising pen service, you can print your brand logo, company name or slogan on the barrel, so that your advertising pen becomes a unique brand display tool. Whether it’s distributed at a trade show or given as a gift, our customised pens can help you enhance your brand image and publicity.

Canvas bags: For the choice of promotional gifts, most people will prefer canvas bags, canvas is an environmentally friendly material, compared to plastic bags or paper bags, the use of canvas bags can reduce the impact on the environment. Canvas bags are reusable and can help reduce the amount of plastic bags used, making them a sustainable option. Moreover, the canvas bag design is lightweight and easy to carry. They fold down to a small size for easy storage in your handbag or pocket, ready to go. Plus the personalization service of the canvas bag, print your own brand logo, pattern or text on the canvas bag. Make canvas bags an ideal publicity and promotion tool. Whether it is used for corporate activities, gift giving or brand promotion, the practicality of canvas bags can enhance the brand image and greatly enhance the brand communication rate.

Wheat portable tableware set: In terms of environmentally friendly gift options, Times Gifts not only provides the choice of canvas bags, but also specially customized wheat portable tableware sets, made of wheat fiber materials, which is a renewable and degradable material. Our products have a lower environmental impact than traditional plastic cutlery, reduce plastic waste, and come with chopsticks, spoons, knives, forks, and a portable storage box. These cutlery are all carefully designed to be ergonomic and easy to use. Whether you’re dining in the office, out on a picnic or traveling, our portable cutlery sets have you covered. The eco-friendly wheat portable cutlery set has a stylish and simple design, with a natural texture and a modern feel. They can be given as personal items or as gifts. Whether it’s in the office, school, or on the go, wheat portable tableware can bring you a convenient and aesthetically pleasing dining experience.

Neck rope: In addition to advertising pens in the selection of stationery, there are also neck ropes that are often used in companies and activities, which are customized with polyester material, and are designed to be comfortable and suitable for long-term wear. The material is soft and does not irritate the skin or cause discomfort. The length of the neck rope can be adjusted to suit individual needs to ensure a comfortable fit, and these materials have the tensile strength and durability to withstand everyday use.

Zippered Document Pouch Document Pouch: Document pouch is made using durable materials such as high-quality nylon or plastic. These materials have good abrasion and tear resistance, which is able to protect your documents and items from damage. Multiple sizes and capacities to meet different storage needs. Whether it’s for documents, folders, notebooks, small items or electronic devices, there’s plenty of space. Sturdy stitching and durable zippers ensure that the document pouch can withstand daily use and provide a long service life.

We adhere to customer satisfaction as the primary goal, uphold the concept of professionalism, integrity and innovation, to provide customers with high-quality gift customization services. We believe that a unique gift can convey a heart, make people feel warm and caring. Let’s work together to create a unique gift that will convey your heart and make each gift a unique story.