The importance of trophy and trophy customization in the event

Customized trophies, medals, as gifts, are of great significance in various activities. The medal represents the recognition and recognition of the participants, and is an affirmation of their efforts and achievements. Whether it’s a sporting event, an academic competition, a corporate event or a community event, custom trophy medals can motivate participants and stimulate their competitiveness and creativity.

There are a variety of materials available for custom trophy medals, and you can choose according to the theme of the event and your budget. Here are some common trophy medal materials:

Metal: Metal medals are usually made of copper, aluminum, or stainless steel, which is noble and durable. Metal medals can be engraved and painted, making the medals more personal and unique.


Badminton metal medals are usually made of high-quality metal materials such as copper, aluminum, or stainless steel. These materials have a durable and noble appearance, able to maintain the quality and luster of the medals for a long time. The design of the medals can be personalized according to the theme and needs of the event. Common designs include badminton patterns, sports scenes, contestants’ names and achievements, etc. These designs can be engraved, painted and gilded, making the medals even more unique and memorable.

Crystal: Crystal medals have a transparent and shiny appearance, giving a sense of elegance and luxury. Crystal medals can be carved and gilded, making them more delicate and artistic.


The Creative New Crystal Trophy is a unique and beautiful prize that is based on the crystal material and blends elements of creativity and design. These trophies are not only a recognition of the outstanding performance of the participants, but also a work of art and a souvenir. Creative New Crystal Trophies are usually made of high-quality crystal materials, the crystal has an elegant and luxurious appearance and excellent optical effects, the design of the crystal trophies focuses on creativity and personalization.

Acrylic: Acrylic medals are transparent and lightweight, and can be made in a variety of shapes and designs. Acrylic medals can be printed and cut, making the medals more diverse and creative.


The process of customizing a trophy medal can be divided into the following steps:

Determine Requirements and Design: First, you need to determine your requirements and design requirements. Consider the theme, purpose, and category of the event, and think about the appearance, material, size, pattern, etc. of the trophy medal you want.

Choosing the right supplier: According to the needs, find the right trophy medals, and our colleagues will communicate about the selection of medals.

Design Confirmation & Production: Work with Times Gifts to convey your design requirements to us. We will design according to your requirements and provide design sketches or digital model confirmation. Once the design is confirmed, the supplier will start making the trophy medal.

Production process: The supplier will make the trophy medals according to the confirmed design. This includes process steps such as selecting the right material, cutting, engraving, sanding, and gilding. The production process can take some time, depending on the complexity and volume of the design.

Quality Check & Confirmation: After the trophy medals are made, the supplier will conduct a quality check to ensure that the trophy medals meet your requirements and standards. Once the inspection is passed, you will receive the final trophy medal sample or finished product.

Delivery and Payment: Finally, the supplier will arrange the delivery of the trophy medals. Depending on the supplier’s request, you will need to pay the corresponding amount. Make sure to check the quality and quantity of the trophy medals before delivery and ensure a smooth delivery process.

Custom medals and trophies are a personalized gift that is often used for occasions such as sporting events, academic competitions, corporate events, and community events. These prizes are designed to recognize the efforts and achievements of participants and motivate them to continue their pursuit of excellence. The process of customizing trophies and medals requires the assistance of professional gift customization companies, who have rich experience and technology to ensure the quality of trophies and medals and the punctuality of delivery.