The steps and processes of customizing the monthly calendar in the customization of corporate gifts

With the arrival of 2024, customized calendars/calendars have become a popular choice in corporate gifts. A beautiful custom calendar can not only showcase your brand image, but also allow users to see your business information every day, increasing brand awareness and exposure. Times Gift Customized Calendar adds corporate logo, product image or corporate slogan to the desk calendar to create a gift that is exclusive to your business. Such a customized monthly calendar can not only show your brand image, but also allow the people who use it to see your business information every day, increasing brand awareness and exposure.

If you are looking for a special corporate gift, Times Gifts can also provide you with customized gift services. You can choose to design the business desk calendar with a plan into exquisite gift packaging, plus the blessing message and corporate information of the corporate image promotion, so that the gift is more professional and unique. Such gifts can not only be given to customers, partners or employees, but also as a gift at a fair, event or promotion, showcasing the professional image and value of your business. Then in the next we will introduce you to the specific process and precautions of customizing the monthly calendar, so that you can better understand our customized services, let us work together to provide professional solutions for your corporate gift customization needs!

Determine your needs: First, you need to clarify your needs, including the style, size, and functional requirements of the desk calendar. You can choose a business desk calendar with a planning feature, or a desk calendar with a more design and creativity focus. At this stage, we need to clearly determine the size of the calendar and its purpose, for example, there is a big difference between a desk calendar and a wall-mounted calendar.

Choose a design: Once you have chosen the style of your calendar, you need to choose a suitable design plan according to the purpose of the calendar, combined with your corporate image and brand style. You can provide your logo, product images, slogans, and more, and work with designers to create a unique and branded custom calendar.

Determine the production details: After deciding on the design plan, you need to determine the production details, including the size of the calendar, the material, the printing method, etc. You can choose high-quality paper materials to ensure the texture and durability of the calendar.


Wall-mounted: The usual sizes include A3, A4, B4, etc., and non-standard sizes can also be customized according to needs.

Tabletop type: common sizes include A5, A6, etc., and non-standard sizes can also be customized according to needs.

Pocket: Generally smaller in size and easy to carry, such as credit card size or slightly larger.

General materials include:

Paper: Common options include coated paper, matte paper, glossy paper, etc., with different textures and printing effects.

Plastics: such as PVC, which can provide durability and waterproofing.

Determine the quantity and price: Determine the quantity and price of the customized monthly calendar according to your needs and budget. In general, the larger the order quantity, the more competitive the price. Of course, the budget aspect is related to the design style and the size of the product, as long as the needs of the product are determined first, the choice in this aspect will be more clear, and the times gift can also provide solutions based on past experience.

Verify the design draft: Before entering the formal production, Times Gifts will provide design drawings, of course, you can also ask the designer to provide the design draft, to ensure that the design meets your expectations and requirements. You can make changes and adjustments to your design until you are satisfied.

Production & Production: Once the design draft is confirmed by you, the production and production phase begins. Generally, large quantities of gifts will be made first, and the manufacturer will print, cut, assemble and other processes according to the requirements of the design draft before mass production, and finally complete the production of customized calendars.

Inspection & Packing: Before leaving the factory, the manufacturer will inspect the customized calendar to ensure that the quality is correct. The custom calendar is then beautifully packaged to protect the integrity and quality of the product.

Delivery & Delivery: Finally, a custom calendar will be delivered to you. You can choose to pick it up yourself or have the manufacturer arrange delivery to ensure that your gift arrives on time.

Whether you are customizing a desk calendar, personalized gifts, or promotional gifts, the above steps are a basic reference and can be adjusted and modified according to the actual situation. Our team of professionals will assist you every step of the way to ensure that the quality and results of your custom calendar meet your expectations.