Travel customization brings more convenience to travel

Travel is an exciting adventure, and having some customized travel items as a gift can not only enhance the convenience of travel, but also increase the exposure of your brand! In this article, Times Gifts will recommend four well-designed travel items, including luggage tags, travel portable toiletry cups, travel storage toiletry bags, and multi-purpose travel adapters.

Luggage tags
A luggage tag is an essential item on a trip, not only to help identify the luggage, but also to add a touch of personal touch to the trip. Times Gifts’ luggage tags are available in a variety of materials, including metal, non-woven fabric, and PU. The metal material has a noble texture, the non-woven material is light and durable, and the PU material has a soft touch. In addition, we offer a variety of shapes to choose from, including round, square, and even custom luggage tags in the shape of cartoon characters, so that your luggage will stand out from the crowd.

Product recommendation: silicone cartoon luggage tag

Travel portable toiletry mugs
Toiletries are essential when traveling, and a portable toiletry mug can be your convenience. Our travel portable toiletry cups are made of plastic or eco-friendly materials, making them lightweight and easy to carry. It has a foldable or detachable design to save space and facilitate storage. Whether you’re in a hotel, campground, or traveling, you can enjoy a refreshing wash experience at any time.

Product recommendation: travel portable toiletry cup set

Travel organizer toiletry bag
Keeping your luggage neat and organized is a challenge when traveling. Our travel organizer amenity bag can help you with that. With multiple dividers and pockets, this toiletry bag makes it easy to store and sort your toiletries, makeup, and other small items. It is also waterproof to protect your belongings from moisture. Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, this amenity bag will make your trip easier and more organized.

Product recommendation: mini suitcase travel toiletry bag

Universal travel adapter
When traveling in different countries, the standard of plugs may be different, which requires the use of adapters. A universal travel adapter allows you to use your electronic devices anywhere in the world, whether it’s charging your phone or using other electronics. It has multiple plug jacks and supports plug standards in multiple countries, so you don’t need to worry about plug mismatch. Lightweight and easy-to-carry design, enjoy convenience anytime and anywhere while traveling.

Product recommendation: 20W multi-country travel plug

These custom-made travel items will make travel more convenient and comfortable. Customers can reveal their brand identity multiple times during their travels, whether it’s as a gift for friends and family, or to add a special touch to their trips. Travel goods, organizers, cosmetic bags, luggage tags and duffle bags, these are the keywords that represent the convenience and personalization of travel to make it more exciting.