What to pay attention to when ordering a travel plug

When traveling abroad or on a business trip, there is often a headache: the electronic devices do not charge properly due to different types of plugs. We all know that different countries and regions use different types of plugs, so in order to properly charge our electronic devices, we need to use an adapter plug. So how do we order a travel plug? Here’s a look at how you choose the right plug for your needs.

Choose an all-in-one travel plug

Different countries and regions use different types of plugs, and when you go to a country, you need to bring different types of plugs, which will bring us inconvenience and take up luggage space. An all-in-one travel plug can easily solve this problem, so that our electronic devices can be charged normally all over the world.

Voltage and frequency

Voltages and frequencies vary from country to country, so make sure that the plug is custom-made to adapt to the local power environment. For example, most of Europe has a voltage of 220V and a frequency of 50Hz, while the United States has 110V and 60Hz.

Choose a plug with a suitable interface for your common use

Different electronic devices often require different interfaces, we need to pay attention to whether there are commonly used electronic device interfaces on the plug when ordering travel plugs, such as mobile phones are Type-C and earphones are USB ports. The plug has the interface we need, so there is no need to carry an additional charger, which improves the convenience of travel.

Choose a fast charging plug of 65W and above

Many people worry that the multi-functional travel plug will charge slowly and wait too long to become an impractical product. And choosing a conversion plug with 65W GaN fast charging and above power can provide faster charging speed and greatly reduce our waiting time.


A practical travel plug should be small, lightweight, and easy to carry in your suitcase, backpack or pocket. In order to achieve a variety of functions, some travel plugs cause the plug to be too large and too heavy, which brings inconvenience to travel and is counterproductive.

Consider personalizing the custom design

The shape of the travel plug on the market is almost the same, we can customize a unique design of the travel plug according to the actual preferences and needs, such as the company logo, personalized pattern or promotional information. In addition, the individually designed travel plug can be given to customers as a business, corporate or event gift, giving them a practical gift option.

Choose a high-quality travel plug

While there are a variety of travel sockets available, the quality varies. In order to ensure that a customized travel socket can be used for a long time and maintain good performance, we should choose a high-quality product produced by a reliable manufacturer, which can ensure the safety of the socket and do not have to worry about the safety hazards caused by long-term use.


Ensure that the customized plug meets the relevant safety standards and certification requirements, such as CE certification, FCC certification, etc., and select products with reliable quality manufacturers and strict safety monitoring, so as to ensure safety and reliability during use.

With all of the above factors in mind, you can choose a travel plug that is portable, adapts to local outlets, has safety certifications, and is of reliable quality. If you want to order a safe, reliable and high-quality travel plug, please contact Times Gift!Times Gift has been focusing on Hong Kong gift wholesale for many years, our team has rich professional experience, and sincerely provides you with the most satisfactory gift customization service!