Wireless charging has entered a new era: fast, safe, and convenient

Since the advent of wireless charging technology, it has been attracting attention and expectation. He provides us with a more convenient charging experience, charging as you go, eliminating the cumbersome plugging and unplugging operations, so that we are no longer limited by the traditional wired charging method, and charging has become more interesting.

However, wireless charging has also been debated, and many people have various questions and concerns – is it really safe? charging time is slower than wired charging? is Android and Apple compatible? I hope this article will be helpful to you.

How does wireless charging technology work?

If you want to use wireless charging products well, you must understand wireless charging, and to understand wireless charging, you must first understand the principle of wireless charging.

Here I would like to quote a passage from the 540th issue of the “Domestic Academic Electronic Journal System” to answer: wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, that is, the use of near-field induction for power supply, the current common wireless charging function of smart phones is to design a set of transmission induction coils in the charging base, and embed a group of miniature receiving coils in the back shell of the mobile phone. When the power supply is fed into the transmission coil at the end of the charging base, the magnetic field line is immediately induced, and converted into the induced voltage by the receiving coil in the mobile phone, and then boosted to 5 volts through the power regulator circuit to facilitate the charging of the mobile phone.

Is wireless charging safe?

The first issue we need to solve is safety, and in recent years, there have been endless news reports such as various battery explosions and fires caused by overheating, which shows that safe electronic products are particularly important. In fact, wireless chargers usually have a variety of protection mechanisms, such as overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and other protection functions, which can protect the safety of equipment and users. Formal wireless charging equipment will pass international standard certification, such as CE, FCC, etc., and these certification bodies will conduct strict safety testing and inspection of the charger before it can be put on sale. So security is almost the same as a wired charger, and even more so considered.

In the past, wireless charging has faced a number of other problems, with concerns that wireless charging can cause severe heat generation or negatively impact the battery life of the device. However, with the development of technology, modern wireless chargers have adopted a series of safety protection measures, including over-current protection, over-temperature protection and short-circuit protection, which effectively reduce safety risks.

Will wireless charging take a long time?

In the development of wireless charging, slow charging speed is a major problem. Since the iPhone supports wireless charging, the maximum power supported by iPhone8 to iPhone11 has always been 7.5W, and the loss is about 5W;Samsung’s flagship has been 15W since it supports wireless charging, and the loss is about 11W and 12W. This charging speed is no longer enough to meet the increasing battery capacity today. Therefore, wireless charging has also been ridiculed as “useless”.

However, with the advent of Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro and the launch of 30W super wireless flash charging, the wireless charging power has been greatly improved, and even if the loss part is deducted, the 20+W power can be regarded as fast charging in wired charging. The charging power of this super wireless flash charging even exceeds that of many wired fast charging technologies, making the charging speed of wireless charging increase rapidly.

Are Android and Apple chargers compatible with each other?

Compatibility issues have also been a long-standing challenge for wireless chargers. However, most wireless chargers now support the Qi wireless charging standard, which is a globally accepted wireless charging technology that solves the compatibility problem. Whether it is an Apple or Android user, as long as the phone supports the Qi wireless charging standard, you can safely choose to use a wireless charger.

In addition, there are now many uniquely designed, feature-rich wireless chargers to choose from. For example, the three-in-one wireless charging bracket integrates the three functions of watch charging, mobile phone charging and mobile phone holder, which can also charge the watch while charging the mobile phone, so that you can enjoy the convenience of watching short videos and dramas at any time while charging. This innovative design adds more fun and convenience to the wireless charger.


To sum up, wireless charging technology is undergoing a revolutionary change. With the improvement of charging power, the guarantee of safety, the improvement of compatibility and the introduction of innovative design, wireless chargers are gradually becoming an indispensable part of people’s lives. Now flagship mobile phones are glass bodies, the price of wireless chargers is becoming more and more affordable, and the factors that hinder the development of wireless charging are being swept away one by one. According to the current trend, wireless charging, which has been dormant for many years, may really usher in its spring. At the very least, many new phones are now equipped with wireless charging as standard.

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