Customized rain gear: the most suitable advertising gifts

Nowadays, the Hong Kong market is becoming more and more competitive, and companies are looking for a unique and useful advertising gift to attract the attention of potential customers. The customized rain gear has strong practicability, printing the company’s LOGO on the surface, and the advertising effect is remarkable, and it is used by many companies as the best choice for advertising gifts.

By printing the company’s logo, slogan or contact information on the rain gear, the company can effectively increase brand awareness and exposure. Compared with the traditional advertising method, customized rain gear has a longer advertising effect. A high-quality umbrella or raincoat can last for many years, and each use can bring brand exposure and publicity to the business.

In contrast, traditional advertising channels may only produce results over a period of time, while custom-made rain gear can bring long-term returns to the business. Times Gifts will introduce you to a few rain gear that are most suitable as advertising gifts!!

Product recommendation: thickened vinyl sunscreen automatic umbrella

Size: 98*54cm

Folded size: 28cm

Material: Touch Cloth

Package: Gift box

Features: easy to fold and store, one-key automatic umbrella opening, thickened sunscreen, reinforced umbrella bone is strong and durable, comfortable umbrella handle matte texture;

One-key automatic parachute opening, say goodbye to the traditional cumbersome steps, and can easily open the parachute with one hand. The size is moderate, and the foldable size is mini and portable, so you can easily carry it anytime, anywhere. The black fabric is more suitable for printing the company’s LOGO, and the advertising effect is more significant. In the vast crowd, the unique LOGO design is undoubtedly a walking advertising carrier, and the return rate is outstanding!


Product recommendation: wine bottle shape folding advertising umbrella

Material: Polyester + Carbon + Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy

Product dimensions: 580 x 280 x 330 mm

Package: Gift box

Features: creative bottle shape, high-density waterproof, easy to fold, easy to carry;

This rain gear features a creative bottle shape that is not only unique and stylish, but also folds easily for easy carrying. In terms of materials, a combination of polyester fiber, carbon fiber and aluminum-magnesium alloy is used to ensure a high-density waterproof effect, so that you can stay dry even in rainy days. Unique shape, appearance is the focus of the audience, with exclusive customized LOGO, the publicity effect is twice the result with half the effort!


Product recommendation: creative love shape advertising umbrella

Material: Metal + Cloth

Packaging : OPP

Features: creative love shape, using high-quality fabric, waterproof and wear-resistant;

With its unique heart shape, this umbrella brings creative and romantic publicity to your brand and event. Multi-bone reinforcement, made of high-quality fabrics, strong and durable, can be used as an advertising carrier for a long time.

On Valentine’s Day, send a special touch to your loved ones and bring a unique twist to your customers.


Product recommendation: high-end business thermos cup umbrella set

Material : vinyl + stainless steel

Size : 250x280x80

Packing: OPP exquisite packaging gift box

Features: Exquisite packaging gift box, containing thermos cups and portable folding umbrellas, specially customized patterns;

Taste is paramount, this high-end business thermos umbrella set is definitely your best choice for business gifts. Exquisite gift box packaging, the inside contains food-grade 304 stainless steel, long-lasting heat preservation. The commercial advertising umbrella is reinforced with eight-bone gold and steel bones, and the umbrella frame is combined through the overall structure to resist the strong wind. The surface of the thermos cup and the advertising umbrella can be printed with special patterns or company logos to achieve a double publicity effect.


Product recommendation: Folding rotatable flashlight advertising umbrella

Material: Metal + Cloth

Packaging : OPP

Features: The handle has a rotatable flashlight, and the clavicle design is more durable and unique;

This one is made of metal + cloth to ensure sturdy and durable. The unique collarbone design makes it stronger and more durable. Uniquely, it has a rotatable torch on the handle of the umbrella, which gives you a sense of security and convenience whether you are walking on a rainy day or at night. The unique creative combination makes it an eye-catching promotional tool, and the rotatable torch at the handle draws attention to boost brand awareness and image. It is a unique and meaningful gift, and at the same time, you can feel the innovation and practicality of the brand.


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With people’s pursuit of healthy life and the increase of outdoor activities, the market demand for rain gear is expanding. Whether you’re a business person, a student, or a home user, you need a reliable umbrella or a set of waterproof raincoats to protect yourself. Therefore, choosing customized rain gear as an advertising gift can cover a wider target audience and improve brand influence. In today’s competitive market, finding a distinctive advertising gift is essential for your branding.

As a practical and effective choice, customized rain gear can meet the actual needs of users, enhance brand awareness, and also bring long-term returns to enterprises. When choosing custom rain gear, businesses should consider the quality, creativity and applicability of the gift to ensure that it can truly achieve the effect of advertising.

Times Gift is a professional Hong Kong gift customization company, providing various types of customized services, including promotional gifts, advertising gifts, advertising umbrella customization, business rain gear customization, etc. As a gift for activities and corporate promotion, customized rain gear can effectively convey your brand image and concept, so that the publicity effect is twice the result with half the effort.

Choose the customized gifts of the times, make the corporate image more eye-catching, and make the company’s publicity more powerful!