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Cartoon pocket portable hand warmer power bank

Material: Silicone/ABS/Aluminum alloy
Dimensions : 79.3 x 96.5 x 35/78.4 x 97.6 x 35
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3072 產品編號 ,

Hand warmers that can charge mobile phones, Shy Miss Luli and Cute Rabbit Gore are available in two shapes, only 130g, petite in size, light and portable, easy to carry;
Evenly heat on both sides, provide just the right temperature, be a walking little sun, and let every cold winter have warm companionship;
Or on the special days of each month, warm your hands and belly, and take care of you.
With a capacity of 4000mAh, whether it is a mobile phone or wireless earphones, etc., it provides enough power for you when you are away from home.


1.7 seconds of rapid heating, circulating heating is not hot, warmth does not need to wait;

2. Low temperature 47-52 °C, high temperature 55-60 °C 2 temperature adjustable;

3. The design is only a little larger than the palm of a girl’s hand, which is more humane, and even the fingertips can be warm;

4. The silky feel of the baby skin version gives you the enjoyment you can’t put down;

Simplify the complex, one-key control, long press the power switch to turn on/off the hand warmer function, short press to shift, the default is low temperature gear.
& Tips &
1. Do not use the power bank in a rough way, the rough way may damage the internal circuit and precision machinery, please try to use the power bank in a normal way.
2. Do not go near the fire source, it may cause an explosion, for the safety of you and the people around you, please use it away from the fire source.
3. Please keep the power supply at home out of the reach of children, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by children’s curiosity to play.

& Care instructions &
All kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry environment with low humidity. So, for the longevity of your power bank, please keep it in a dry environment. Use your power bank frequently and charge and discharge it once a month. With regular use, you can maximize the service life of the power bank.