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Coldplay metal magnetic water-based capacitive pen

Material : Metal
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 ST3045 Category


As the most common promotional gift, the advertising pen is practical, but it is too popular. This magnetic water-based capacitive pen allows you to put aside traditional thinking and redefine the advertising pen: this pen is composed of a set of small tubular magnets, the material of the magnet is rare earth elements, as long as they are put together, they will automatically adsorb together to form a pen tube, and put the refill into it is a complete pen. In addition, there is also a stylus tip at the tip of the pen, which can be used as a stylus when covered, killing two birds with one stone, and it is easy to switch.
& Details &
1. Electroplating silver, out of real gold and silver plating, expensive materials, exquisite craftsmanship, long-lasting and not fading;
2. Full of creativity, you can write or touch, mobile phone writing game tablet drawing as you like;
3. Cool gameplay, through the magnetic principle, a variety of shapes, easy to carry;
4. Puzzle combinations, use your imagination to spell into various shapes;
5. The magnetic nib design has good compatibility, the card position is suitable and can be switched at will, and the length of the refill can be cut and adjusted by itself.

The high-quality metal pen body shell is full of texture, and the LOGO printed on the side shows the dignified and stable company brand, which is the first choice as a business gift, corporate gifts and event gifts! This not only reflects the practical life concept of the enterprise, but also promotes the company’s image and brand;

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