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Digital display hand warmer mobile power supply

Material: ABS+aluminum alloy
Dimensions: 82.6 x 73 x 32
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 EL3082 產品編號 ,

Digital temperature display, visible temperature, real-time perception;
It only takes 5 seconds to heat up, with built-in high-quality heating elements, heating faster, constant temperature heating hand warmer, a hot air in winter warms your heart;
Double-sided heating, two-level temperature adjustment, switch warmth at will;
At the same time, it can also provide power to the mobile phone, which warms the hand and heart;
Easy and portable, easy to go out, soft to the touch, comfortable to hold, the shape fits the natural curve, conforms to the palm of the hand just to give you comfort, constant and long-lasting 45°C-55C warmth;
Ingenuity technology to produce safety chip explosion-proof protection, balanced heat dissipation, intelligent monitoring of heating temperature at all times, heating to the temperature suitable for the human body, warm and more reassuring;
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