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Eco-friendly kraft paper combination sticky note sticker

Kraft paper sticky notes combo, made from a combination of post-it gift gifts, with 4 cover colors to choose from, is made of kraft paper material, which is of high quality and durability, but also an environmentally friendly choice, helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

Size: 13*8.5*1.5cm
Package: OPP

產品編號 ST4008 Category

Made of 1oo% pure wood pulp, you can write on both sides, the color of the paper is elegant and comfortable, not dazzling, and effectively protects your eyesight

Clamshell thickened kraft paper stationery box, the paper is strong and degradable, practical and environmentally friendly, and it is a necessary stationery for daily work and study

A variety of colors are staggered, corresponding to a variety of notes, different colors are easy to distinguish all kinds of key notes, and each color has a separate grid to distinguish, which is easy to take

Strong stickiness, can be used multiple times, tear without hurting the paper, whether you are taking notes at work, organizing documents, or recording important knowledge points in learning, this handy note paper can meet your needs.

High-quality covers are more suitable for printing LOGO or slogans, the printing content is clear and exquisite, to ensure the quality and quality of the product, as a business gift to give a surprise to customers, to give customers a practical and beautiful high-quality gift, so that the relationship between each other further;

Our custom gift service allows you to turn this eco-friendly kraft paper combination sticky note sticker into a unique gift. You can engrave your brand logo, company name, or personal information on each note to not only increase brand exposure, but also show that the recipient cares about you. It’s also a great choice for corporate and business gifts, showcasing your appreciation and value for your partners and customers.