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Eco-friendly paper sticky notes bookmarks

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Made of 1oo% pure wood pulp, you can write on both sides, the color of the paper is elegant and comfortable, not dazzling, and effectively protects your eyesight

The writing is smooth and smooth, recording every detail, easy to tear without leaving glue, and the back is made of self-adhesive glue, which can be easily attached to items such as notebooks, desks and refrigerators, and can be re-torn and re-pasted

A variety of colors are staggered to correspond to a variety of notes, and different colors are easy to distinguish various key notes

The colorful convenience strip is made of plant pigments, does not contain harmful substances, and is aromatic and odorless, so that you can use it with more peace of mind.

The bottom is made of environmentally friendly degradable kraft paper, and the thickened paper effectively prevents scratches and water splashing

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