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750ML Silicone Folding Sports Water Bottle

Material: TPU/PP
Dimensions: 9.1 x 19.5 cm
Packing: OPP

產品編號 BT3140 Category

Every day we need to replenish water, especially for sports enthusiasts, whether it is an outdoor outing, fitness cycling or travel, a sports water bottle with a large carrying capacity is essential, carry it with you, large capacity does not need to replenish water at any time is more convenient, easy to use foldable design, after drinking the folding backpack, save time and effort and more at ease, daily use is also very practical.

& Details &
1. The sports water bottle is made of TPU material, with strong toughness, no plastic odor, and the environmentally friendly material can be buried in the soil to decompose naturally, and can withstand high and low temperatures;
2. Wide mouth and light design, easy to fill water, easy to fill water for drinking;
3. The cup body is soft, and the cup body can be rotated and folded when not in use, which is very convenient to carry out;
The large volume of 4.750ml is enough to refill your body with water.

750ML silicone folding sports kettle is a good helper for your sports hydration, but also a good choice for gifts, customized LOGO or promotional slogans, as event gifts, corporate gifts, promotional gifts or business gifts are a good choice, customized thermos cups can effectively convey your brand image and concept, so that the publicity effect is twice the result with half the effort.