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Multi-functional magnetic photo stand charger

產品編號 EL3145 Category

The magnetic camera mobile power bank can achieve a variety of functions, making the operation of mobile phones more convenient and safe.
This photo stand is designed with magnetic adsorption, which can quickly fix the phone on the stand, and easily take photos, videos, watch videos, and other operations without worrying about the phone slipping off.
In addition to the function of the stand, this product also has the function of a charger that can provide charging for the mobile phone, and the magnetic photo stand charger is a wireless charging design that can be compatible with a wide range of mobile phones.
Wireless charging has become a must-have feature in modern life, and our custom-made wireless charging pads are not only portable, easy to store and carry around, but also can incorporate your brand or logo into it to show off a unique gift. Whether it is a corporate gift, a holiday gift or an event souvenir, Times Gifts can realize the customized needs of wireless charging for you.

Easily take photos, capture and share every moment, anytime, anywhere
Inspired by design, a brand is trusted by users all over the world
Comfortable feel, non-slip design
Ergonomic design that fits the camera leather for durability
Rotatable design for self-switching
Toggle between landscape or portrait modes with a simple axis of rotation
Create a new magnetic power supply
Strong magnetic suction, easy to pick and place
It can be used on both Apple and Android phones
Hidden levitation magnetic suction, strong adsorption without fear of bumps
The angle can be tilted to 12.5°
Capture beautiful moments
Compact design, lightweight and portable