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Bamboo and wood base wireless charger – multi-shape

Material: Bamboo
Size : 92 x 92 x 9
Packing: OPP/box

產品編號 EL3038 Category


The compatibility and versatility of wired chargers are relatively poor, and it is inconvenient for users to carry and charge, so more and more wireless chargers have begun to occupy the mainstream market. This wireless charger abandons the usual plastic body, breaks through the traditional process, and is made of natural and environmentally friendly bamboo materials, which avoids the harmful substances that may be produced when the plastic shell is hot, which is more in line with the current low-carbon and environmentally friendly life concept, and is more elegant in appearance.
& Details &
1. Selected high-quality bamboo and wood materials, natural and clear texture, warm and delicate texture, strong toughness, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance;
2. Support QI wireless charging protocol, instant charging, sensitive recognition, sensing distance within 8mm, you can also charge with a mobile phone case;
3. Contact equipment automatically identifies charging equipment, intelligently protects mobile phones to detect abnormalities, prevents overcharging and short circuit, multiple protection, and is more at ease;
4. It can only identify the charging of mobile phones with wireless charging, whether it is metal or other foreign objects, wireless charging has no induction, to avoid wear and tear;
5. Heart-shaped, square, round, diamond-shaped, a variety of shapes are available to meet different needs.

& Times Gift reminds you again &
1. Avoid overcharging: The wireless charging pad will automatically stop charging once the device reaches 100% power during charging. But in order to protect the battery life, it is recommended to unplug the charger in time to avoid overcharging.

2. Avoid over-discharging: Similarly, avoid draining your device completely, as this can negatively affect battery life. Try to keep your device between 20 %至80% charged.

3. Avoid overheating: Using the wireless charging pad for a long time may cause overheating, which can cause damage to the device and the charging pad.