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Silicone insulated clamshell sports water bottle

Material : PC
Size : 85 x 230 / 85 x 200

產品編號 BT3095 Category

Healthy materials ensure your healthy life, and the portable handle opens your convenient era

The ultimate technology allows health to follow, tight leak-proof design, cup mouth thread sealing design, leak-proof, safe, and easy to fill water

The small-mouth straw design conforms to the artificially designed comfortable cup body for easy drinking

The hemp rope is designed with a soft hand rope, which is convenient for travel, and the non-toxic material is a healthy drinking water

Silicone insulated clamshell sports bottle is not only a practical daily necessities, but also a carrier of corporate publicity! Choosing Times Gift is not only a symbol of high quality and craftsmanship, but also a deep concern for you and your customers.