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Diamond-like portable mug

Material: PC + ABS + silicone
Dimensions : 72 x 72 x 246
Packing: Carton

Temperature resistance: -10°C~100°C
Color: blue, black, purple, green
Printing method: silk screen printing
產品編號 BT3142 Category

Made of food-grade plastic material, heat-resistant -20 °C ~ 100 °C heating will not secrete harmful substances, the surface is diamond-like, comfortable to feel, giving you a different drinking experience;

Easy to take, the lid design is easy to carry and easy to take, thickened cup bottom, and an outer layer has been added to the bottom to strengthen the protection of the cup bottom, and the inside of the cup is not easy to be damaged.

Rounded and smooth cup mouth, using high-quality and high light transmittance PC material, the workmanship is rigorous and fine, and the cup mouth is round and smooth.

Screw cap and small silicone ring to prevent the lid from falling off, effectively prevent water leakage, inverted without leakage!

Imitation diamond face portable mug is not only a practical daily necessities, but also a carrier of corporate publicity! Choosing Times Gift is not only a symbol of high quality and craftsmanship, but also a deep concern for you and your customers.