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Sports cups

Material: PP
Size : 80 x 150
Packing: Carton

Color: blue, purple
Printing method: silk screen printing
產品編號 BT3141 Category

Screw cap and small silicone ring to prevent the lid from falling off, effectively prevent water leakage, inverted without leakage!

It is equipped with a safe and healthy silicone sealing ring, which has good sealing and has been tested many times, and is sealed and leak-proof, easy to carry, and can travel at any time

Small outlet, small flow of slow drinking, reduce the burden on the stomach, breathing and heart caused by rapid drinking after exercise

The plastic soft bracelet design is convenient for travel, and the non-toxic material is healthy to drink water, and the cup body is transparent and visible, and the water capacity is clearly visible!

The sports cup is not only a practical daily necessities, but also a carrier of corporate publicity! Choose Times Gift to make the corporate image more eye-catching and the company’s publicity more powerful.