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Transparent PET horizontal line sticky note sticker

Size: 7.5*7.5cm
Number of sheets: 50
Material: PET

產品編號 ST3489 Category

Transparent PET horizontal line sticky notes are all-round assistants for learning and office!

The lines are clearly visible for easy marking and the classification is more visible

Strong stickiness, can be used for multiple pastes, tearing does not hurt the paper, and it is not easy to fall off again

Transparent does not mask, paste does not block words, transparent material is not easy to cover important text, more suitable as a book or notebook paste note

With a variety of styles and specifications, you can choose from them to distinguish between different content and notes, and one book meets all your daily needs, with bright colors to make your messages stand out

A sticky note is a small, portable piece of paper, usually with an adhesive back, that can be used to write memos, reminders, or short messages. Times Gifts provide customized services for note paper, note paper is not only a daily office supplies, but also a good event publicity gifts, business daily necessities, in the times of gift customization, there are many enterprises/schools in the event, will be customized in batches for gifts, note paper is a very popular promotional gift.