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Wireless charging key ring power bank

Material: ABS
Size : 136 x 68 x 13
Packing: Carton

Cell capacity
: 8000mAh

Cell type
: A-grade polymer

: Type-C: 5V/2A, Micro: 5V/2A

: USB 1: 5V/1A, USB 2: 5V/2.1A

Wireless output
: 5V/1A

: 224G


: Black, Black+White, White, White+Black, Red+Black (customizable).

Printing method
: silk screen printing, color printing
Wireless charging, mobile power bank charging dual-purpose, to meet more charging methods
The keychain design can be hung on the backpack and keychain for easy carrying
It can charge 3 devices at the same time
To avoid hidden dangers (e.g., overload, overheating, etc.), the wireless charger intelligently identifies conductive metal foreign objects (coins, keys, etc.)
Braided shell, delicate texture
This product complies with the International Radio UnionQi standard

產品編號 EL3027 Category

Size: 136*68*13mm

Product weight: 240g

Cell capacity: 8000mAh (A-grade polymer battery)

Input: 5V 2A (Android + Type C)

Output: 5V 1A (wireless charging) 5V 2A (dual USB)

Product color: black, white, blue, pink, other colors need to be customized;

Smart wireless charging, 8000mAh real capacity, A-grade polymer battery;

Multi-device charging, which can charge three mobile phones, wireless charging priority charging;

Smart compatible with iPhone X, 8, 8Plus and Samsung S7, S6, etc.;

Automatic identification of metal foreign bodies, automatic power off. PCB overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit protection;

Wireless charging keyring power bank, let you charge without trouble!
With smart wireless charging technology, your charging experience is more convenient. The real capacity of 8000mAh makes your power reserve more abundant.
The multi-device charging function can charge three mobile phones at the same time, and wireless charging is a priority. No longer worry about the plugging and unplugging of the charging cable, making your life more convenient.
Smart compatible with mainstream phones such as iPhone X, 8, 8Plus, and Samsung S7, S6, etc., no matter what model your phone is, you can easily charge it.
In addition, Times products also have the function of automatically identifying metal foreign objects and automatically powering off to protect your mobile phone from damage. The PCB overcharge, overdischarge and short-circuit protection provide a stronger guarantee for your safety.
Let the wireless charging keyring power bank become a must-have helper in your life, and make charging more easy!
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