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Aluminum alloy thin and light wireless charger

Material : Aluminum alloy
Size : 100 x 100 x 5

產品編號 EL3046 Category

Since Apple launched mobile phones that support wireless charging, wireless chargers are becoming more and more popular, and mobile phone charging has also entered the wireless era.
This aluminum alloy ultra-thin wireless transmitter is a smart wireless charging product with a simple and elegant design, processed from aviation aluminum, and compatible with any Qi-standard mobile phone and device. The charging equipment is plugged and unplugged wirelessly, which is more convenient and fast. Provide you with a free-to-all living experience and enjoy a free and safe wireless charging experience.
& Details &
1. Aluminum alloy material, light and slender appearance, fashionable and simple, easy to carry;
2.10W high power, high conversion rate, 10W high power, effectively reduce internal friction;
3. Put down the phone to charge, say goodbye to repeatedly plugging and unplugging the data cable;
4. Fast charging does not get hot, upgraded intelligent power off, low temperature does not hurt the machine and does not burn hands;
5. Intelligent adaptation and management of current and voltage, carefully care for your mobile phone battery.
With the advent of the wireless era, we can get rid of the entanglement of wires, make charging more convenient, and make the desk more tidy. This aluminum alloy thin and light wireless charger is also suitable for custom printing LOGO or pattern on the surface, which is a good choice for employees and partners as a corporate gift or business gift.
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