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Tempered glass illuminated wireless charger

Material: ABS+glass
Dimensions : 102 x 102 x 7
Packing: Gift box

產品編號 EL3031 Category


Intelligently upgrade the wireless charger to charge as fast as one second. Sensitive recognition, upgraded coil, 360° charging direction is not limited. Automatic protection, automatic opening protection when fully charged. 7mm thickness, thin and compact, can be carried around, travel is not burdensome.
& Details &
1. Upgrade the smart chip, put the mobile phone to charge, and say goodbye to repeatedly plugging and unplugging the data cable;
2. Sensitive recognition, charging with the case is as fast, upgrading induction, charging at a distance of 6mm, and fast charging without removing the phone case;
3. Upgrade coil, large coil, faster charging, pioneering merger of double coils, power concentration, upgrade and bold charging faster;
4. Automatic protection, automatic opening protection when fully charged, trickle charging, preventing charging transition, protecting the battery and enhancing the service life;
5. Automatic identification of foreign bodies, whether metal foreign bodies or others, do not work when identified wirelessly, so as to avoid power consumption in the air.
6. Small and easy to store, 7mm thick, light and small, can be carried around without burden.
The wireless charging pad is already an indispensable daily item in life, and the 3-in-1 wireless charging stand can also be used as a promotional gift or event gift, which is an excellent choice for giving to friends and relatives or for personal use.
Times Gifts, focusing on a variety of digital gift customization, including wireless charging pad customization, mobile power supply customization, to create a unique gift experience for you.
& Tips &
1. Portable wireless chargers should avoid contact with water;
2. If you want to leave for a long time, please unplug the power of the wireless charger;
3. After the mobile phone is fully charged, please unplug it in time.