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Ambient light wireless fast charging

Material: Aluminum alloy + PC
Size : 95x95x8
Packing: OPP/box

產品編號 EL030043 Category


New electronic products, especially portable electronic products such as digital cameras, mobile phones, tablet computers, etc., are more and more used in people’s work and life, and the compatibility and versatility of wired chargers are relatively poor, and it is inconvenient for users to carry and charge.
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1. Large coil with a larger area of keen sensing, the mobile phone can be charged at one touch, and the plug-in charging that wears out the mobile phone interface is goodbye;
2. Equipped with a smart charging chip, it automatically matches the current for the mobile phone, and can be charged with peace of mind all night without getting hot;
3. Low temperature protection during the whole process of charging, no hot mobile phone, no hot hands, safety is guaranteed;
4. With luminous function, the mood lighting makes romance easier.